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About Us

Training & Advisory

Our work places us at the forefront in terms of knowledge and understanding of badger surveying, trapping and vaccination and so puts us in a great position to pass on that knowledge through our training courses and supportive advisory service.


Introduction to badger surveying for trapping and vaccination:

Our intensive one-day training course is designed for those who are looking to help assist in badger trapping and vaccination programmes.

This training is designed for those wishing to develop knowledge and experience of surveying, identifying and recording badger activity, with a focus on trapping and vaccinating badgers.

The course has a small classroom element and then it’s off to the field where hands on experience with identifying and mapping badger signs such as setts, latrines, runs, etc. allows skills learnt in the classroom to be put into practice in a real survey environment.

This course will start trainees on their way to becoming accomplished badger field surveyors, ensuring confidence in judgments and decisions and an ability to assist in badger vaccination programmes.

The course is led by highly experienced trappers and vaccinators from our team at Brock Vaccination. We ensure the atmosphere is relaxed and interactive, where discussion between trainees and tutors is actively encouraged.

Advisory Service

We offer a supportive advisory service for recently qualified and certified lay vaccinators who wish to increase their skills base, efficiency and confidence. 

Our team at Brock Vaccination have trapped and vaccinated thousands of badgers across varying habitat types and population densities, but recognize that for newly qualified vaccinators it can be a daunting and difficult task undertaking vaccination programmes for the first time, or at new sites. We have therefore developed a bespoke advisory service to allow vaccinators to tap into the skills and experience of our team and be supported through any vaccination programmes being undertaken across the UK.

A key aspect of our service is to undertake personal site visits to help with any stage of your vaccination programme; from initial badger survey to license applications, trap placement, pre bait and vaccination. We can advise on planning trap rounds, suitable equipment, and help overcome problems such as problematic pre baits, non targets and remote trapping.

Our service aims to offer a supportive, guiding hand to increase your confidence and skills base, whilst allowing you to overcome any problems encountered and deliver a highly competent and efficient badger vaccination programme.

Whilst team members are visiting your site they will share their knowledge and experience, and happily answer any questions or queries you may have. In addition we offer free follow up email support service for any questions that arise once we are off site, so help is only ever an email away.

Contact Us

For more information or to request our service please feel free to call us on 07972 297169 email us at or leave a message on our contact page.