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Step 3

Vaccinate badgers

The badger vaccination process begins with the siting of humane cage traps. An experienced fieldsman will locate traps in the most suitable locations to increase the number of badgers caught using the most efficient number of traps. Our team are specialists in ‘remote trapping’ (catching animals away from setts) which ensures that not only badgers living on your land, but also those visiting your land are trapped and vaccinated.

Each trap will be 'pre-baited' for approximately 10 days (however this period may be shorter or longer for different badger populations). After badgers are confident entering our cages we will set the cages to catch. Each trap is checked early the next morning.

We ensure that all badgers trapped are clinically observed following a high set of welfare standards before they are vaccinated with the intramuscular BCG vaccine. Each animal is fur clipped and sprayed with a spot of stock marker to ensure, if caught again, it is not vaccinated twice in one year. After vaccination welfare assessments are repeated then badgers are released back into the wild.

Once vaccination on your land is completed a Vaccination Report will be sent to you.

Step 2

Contact Us

For more information or to request our service please feel free to call us on 07972 297169 email us at or leave a message on our contact page.