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Tailor a Vaccination programme

Using information gathered from our initial survey we will be able to determine the time and cost of vaccinating the badgers living on and/or visiting your land. To vaccinate your badgers a licence from Natural England must be obtained. We will submit an application to Natural England, and once obtained badger vaccination will be able to commence.

We trap badgers for vaccination between 1st May and 1st December, and will schedule your vaccination programme to fit within this 7 month period. We will design a specific badger vaccination programme for your land incorporating your individual circumstances and requirements, e.g. around grass cutting or the releasing of pheasant poults. We are also very happy to allow interested landowners to accompany us, to find out more about the badger vaccination process.

Additionally, for organisations with interested staff or members, we will incorporate an educational aspect into your programme, such as presentations, field skills workshops and trapping and vaccination observation.

It is recommended that groups of badgers are vaccinated for five years or more. This is because the BCG vaccine cannot cure already infected badgers. A five year period of yearly vaccination will allow older diseased animals to naturally die off, whilst vaccinating badgers without the disease, such as cubs, will increase the level of immunity within a badger group.

A recommended Vaccination Programme will be promptly compiled and sent for your viewing. Once received, we are always happy to discuss its content further or answer any additional questions, just contact us.

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For more information or to request our service please feel free to call us on 07972 297169 email us at or leave a message on our contact page.